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Billion Year Plan


Tom Bearden

Expert on mind-control, free-energy, etc.

Primitive skillz



Roll call


comprehensive website from an Australian enthusiast

Kazakhstan pyramid

Palace of Peace and Accord

Meditation Station

on the web.

Melting and Smelting

...for the recreational prospector

High performance beach cats

Formula 16

Superstar Rajini Kanth or Sultan Rai?

Futurese: The American Language in 3000 AD

Predicting the future of the English language is rather easy, in the short term. The odds are, over the next few decades its New World dialects are going to gain increasing global dominance, accelerating the demise of thousands of less fortunate languages but at long last allowing a single advertisement to reach everybody in the world. Then after a century or two of US dominance some other geopolitical grouping will gain the ascendancy, everyone will learn Chechen or Patagonian or whatever it is, and history will continue as usual. Ho hum. But apart from that... what might the language actually look like in a thousand years time?

Realtime data for driving


Radio Station UVB-76